Why Sustainable Development is Essential to the Extractive Sector

Community development is a central concern for the extractive sector since wealth removed from the community in terms of natural resources may not necessarily be returned to the communities in other forms.

Expanding economic opportunity through community infrastructure projects in countries where you operate is in all stakeholders best interests. It can reduce exploration and production costs, enhance your social license to operate, and mitigate risk and potential conflict.

Yet, approaches to economic opportunity enhancement are not widely adopted or consistent across the extractive sector. There is room for understanding what has worked and why, scaling up best practices and strengthening mechanisms for collaborative actions that will benefit your company, host governments, communities, and individuals.

The real and reputational costs of protests, work stoppages, sabotage, boycotts, and regulatory backlashes can be forestalled if companies are and are seen to be investing in the local communities by helping them build their infrastructure and assets.

Investing in “preventative defense” can yield a high return on investment for extractive companies.

Why DPS International Inc ?

Our practice is focussed on providing sustainable, cost-effective, infrastructure solutions using appropriate technology for communities impacted by the extractive sector. These include identifying, developing and, implementing, water, solid waste, sewage, health, education, and other programs developed in consultation with all stakeholders.

We are not your typical consulting firm that conducts an assessment, recommends a solution and then leaves the client to implement the project. At DPS we support you at the beginning from project identification, public and private sector consultation, education and awareness, project finance, design, engineering, procurement, construction, training, through to operations and project evaluation.

Our Philosophy

Over time, certain truths have emerged which the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBSCD) has identified to guide governments, businesses, and communities in the realm of sustainable development. DPS International Inc has adopted these rules. This forms the basis of how we operate both internally and, with our clients.

  • Ten Rules By Which We Operate
  • What We Have Learned Working With the Canadian Extractive Sector in Developing Countries

The DPS Sustainability Team