Corporate Social Responsibility at DPS

For DPS, corporate social responsibility is about doing the right things for the right reasons.

That means we operate our business in a manner that produces economic success, and continually improves performance in the areas of health and safety, environment and social responsibility. It means earning the trust and support of our stakeholders – investors, employees, communities, governments, suppliers, partners and others.

How do we earn that support? We reduce risks to health and safety, minimize our environmental footprint, consult with and demonstrate respect for employees and the communities where we operate and observe all laws and regulations. We work hard to balance near-term profitability with long-term sustainability.

The end result of our efforts is tangible and sustainable value for DPS and our stakeholders. We strive to earn that support by building relationships based on integrity, trust, and dialogue. It’s part of our vision to be recognized as a global leader in corporate social responsibility.

“Our corporate objective is not only to generate attractive returns for our shareholders but also to help our clients create a positive legacy for the countries and communities where we work”

Peter Gregg, Principal, International Strategic Resource Group, DPS International